iBillionaire tracks the portfolios of more than 10 Billionaire investors including: Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, John Paulson, Jorge Lemann, David Tepper, Leon Copperman, Daniel Loeb, Chase Coleman, David Einhorn, and Bill Ackman. Download iBillionaire for Free!

The stock market is volatile. It forces investors to often have to decide to buy, sell or hold a stock. There is a lot of anxiety involved in making investment decisions. iBillionaire is a mobile app that helps regular investors make smarter investment decisions by providing them with an easy and intuitive view of the investment portfolio of well recognized Financial Billionaires.

- Detailed view of the Portfolio of financial billionaires
- Track how these Billionaires outperform the S&P 500
- Learn the average cost that the Billionaires bought a stock

Add your favorite stocks and create a personal Portfolio. iBillionaire analyses your personal portfolio and compares it with Billionaire investors. It gives you insights of how well diversified your portfolio is, and what you can do to improve your performance by comparing you with the Billionaires.

- Performance Alerts: Compares your Performance with the Billionaires
- Exposure Alerts: when your allocation is higher than a Billionaire
- Diversification Alert: when your portfolio is too concentrated.

Get detailed stock information including which Billionaires own a stock. There is a holding history graph to see if the Billionaire has been selling or buying the stock. You can also do a stock search to check if any Billionaires own a specific stock and what percentage is allocated in their portfolio. Regular investors can use this feature to double-check their holdings. If no Billionaire owns a stock perhaps is information the investor should consider before buying a specific stock. Moreover, you can get the Billionaires Top holdings, recent stock Picks and Latest Sells. In a few seconds, get the best Investment ideas from financial Billionaires.

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iBillionaire Premium

Upgrade to iBillionaire Premium to:
- Access all the Billionaires' portfolios forever.
- Weekly alerts of Billionaires that beat the S&P.
- Analysis and Comparison of your Portfolio with Billionaires.
- Get Real-time push notifications when a stock trades below the purchase price of a Billionaire.
- Unlimited Access the complete list of stock picks: including the most popular stocks among Billionaires, stocks recently bought, sold, and much more.

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